Rose Gold Breguet Replica Discount For Sale

Breguet Replica. The new version of the Breguet Replica. The new timepiece to welcome the Year of the Goat perfectly blends Urushi, the Japanese lacquer tradition with Swiss horological refinement.

Every year, the Swiss luxury manufacturer releases a limited edition timepiece featuring the Chinese Zodiac sign. Breguet Replica XP Urushi “Year of the Goat” features a stunning dial entirely handmade decorated in Japanese lacquer. This dial features a goat lying on a bed flowers and stylized clouds.

Maki-e is an ancient lacquerwork method that uses several layers of semi-transparent, thin lacquer. The artist creates radiant surfaces with a sensual and mysterious depth.rolex replica watches The gold dust is sprinkled on the lacquer to create or enhance a design. Gold dust can be applied using bamboo tubes or tiny brushes made of natural bristles. The dial's goat is painted using natural lacquer made from the Chinese Urushi Tree. This lacquer is extremely durable and has a honey-like texture. The Urushi tree is found both in China and Japan.

The L.U.C XP Urushi Year of the Goat Watch comes in a rose gold 18-karat case that measures 39.5mm across and 6.8mm thick. The ultra-thin rose gold case is connected to a black leather strap with a pin clasp.

The new Chopard mechanical watch features a Breitling replica watches movement, which is manufactured in-house. It has a micro-rotor that is off-centered and two barrels. This self-winding watch has a remarkable power reserve and can provide up to 65 hours. The mechanism has 29 jewels, and it beats at 28,800 vibrations an hour (4 Hz). The transparent caseback allows you to admire the L.U.C Caliber 96.1-L, which is also a great way to see the micro-rotor as well as the Cotes de Geneve decorations on the bridges.

Both sides of the watch are coated with sapphire. The sapphire crystal protects the watch movement against minor water ingress. It is water resistant to 30 meters.